Can you Afford to Rent an Apartment without a Job?

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  • Yes I did. He moved to a new city and state out of work. I paid 6 months in advance. Although I did not have to, I decided to pay just to impress the owner.It works! This was in Chicago, not knowing how other cities and states of work, especially the smaller ones. Great city is different, they have more variety and availability, especially in the market for a tenant Chicago!
  • Someone who I'm sure. Do you know how much apartments cost in which we live? That's a lot of money.
  • I would like to offer to put money in a deposit account with automatic payments. Then you need not worry that they will take all your money and sell the house or something.
  • Probably if you pre-pay. Usually places that do credit checks wants to see your income is approximately 3 times the amount of income so you will be able to pay expenses. If pre-payment will be more lenient

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