How can you Design a Website to get more Visitors?

Once you have decided that, first, do keyword research to find the best search terms people are using to find you and your subject. Just use the tool Google AdWords keyword (search engine keyword and will arrive at the top) and details of terms to choose those who have a good monthly search volume and low competition. Be sure to qualify for the relevance of the theme of your website.

Now that you have keywords 

To find a domain name is preferable that exactly matches your main keyword. You can go to and make a thick record search, enter keywords and see what domain names are available. If you want "cool" to avoid using lots of Flash! It will hurt your natural search traffic.

Some additional tips to build your website ... 

1. Build each page about one of your keywords .. make sure your engine optimization search using title tags, description and headlines on your content with keywords in them accurate. 

2. USE OF VIDEO! It is by far the best way to quickly connect with your visitors! Educational and informative and add some interesting things in their videos. 

3. Give something away for free people to leave your name and email address! You want to be sure you catch these so you can build a relationship with visitors to your site.

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