How Can you Improve the High Competition keywords in SEO

SEO is a long-term process which is always effective as there are highly competitive keywords or low level of competition. Is highly competitive keywords, then you should do more SEO work to supplement
  • - high page rank link building
  • - original content Link Building
  • - Manual submissions
  • - content presentations Anchor tags
  • - More presentations so you can do.
On the other side you can use some key strategies that are increasingly
  • - First, using long tail keywords
  • - Geolocation wise keywords are also important in this case.
For example,
  • - SEO services is highly competitive keyword can be used as such 
  • - SEO services company (keyword long tail)
  • - the best SEO services company (long tail)
Geo-location Keywords
  • - SEO services in India
  • - SEO UK
  • - SEO services in London
And if their destination is good, with good coding, SEO friendly, you can achieve the goal. After the long tail keywords and geo-location, you can target your services seo keyword.

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