How to Become a Hedge Fund Manager?

Normally, getting a job in this field is based on two things;
  • Education
  • Past experience and performance
Experience and ability

Due to the nature of hedge funds, only those who have a proven track record and are considered good reputation for managing the fund.

You start 

With a degree in Finance / Economics and then start working on the financial sector, usually something there is no risk. Teller (made during their education, and not after the degree), bank manager, and then move in the chain of positions of increasing responsibility as an insurer of credit union loan or whatever. At this point, chances are you can get a job with a brokerage firm. 

This is not the only way, but it is fairly typical. This is a * great * work for many years. You have to succeed every step forward. Worth the effort!

Bachelor's Degree
  • In a relevant subject (math, finance, physics, accounting, economics, etc.) from a good school with a strong GPA.
  • Working for the formation of 3-4 years to be an analyst, either fundamental or quantitative.
  • MBA from a good school with a strong GPA.
  • Get CFA (best credential for investment) at some point. see
  • The official position as an analyst level, ideally working with the teams of the portfolio of several.
  • Portfolio Manager long only accounts.

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