How to choose the Maintenance Influence of Programming Languages?

Let's take a scenario, a company wants to create software for other major company. It is a web-based software. By poppularity, PHP is going strong as a web programming language. However, Java is another strong competitor.

Now the software that require large

  • 1. huge maintenance.
  • 2. good security
  • 3. good structure for the feasibility and ease of use.
All this can not be provided by PHP. The reasons are

1.--- It is not strictly written language compared to Java
2.--- It looks more like one today can do without much hassle. Even non-programmers. However, Java requires a good knowledge of programming constructs.
3.--- Java provides better security. This class has devoted the same.

So overall  

You can see a company would choose java whether to use a large software. But if you're going to create websites or for occasional use software that does not require a huge maintenance, then certainly, PHP would be the way forward. Since it is slightly faster than java and a lot less code compared to java .. Therefore the maintenance dictate what programming language you choose.

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