I want to open my beauty parlour, Here are some ideas

First identify what your target market

What kind of woman you are expecting. Consider what your income is based on the number of people waiting for the charges of cruelty several that offer and how much would your monthly income, then balance this with the cost .. to see how mcuh time it takes to break even and keep the business there after.  


The thing is, the best place to open your room is located on any street, shopping center, but the revenues have to be in line with their expensive rents, the wages you have to pay. Therefore it is necessary to search these things. See if any of these companies is already there.

The Location

The best thing I suggest is close to large apartment complexes, colonies where women have time and money to spend in the classroom such and you can also develop a long-term. If you are closer to home, then this might be preferable. As a woman, step into the shoes of the customer and typical of what you expect when you go to a salon. Collect ideas and opinions of your friends and inner circle. 

Taking this into account

Collate all this information and you have a business plan. A plan that details as small as possible (including any risks, etc.) is essential to start any business, of course.

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