I wonder What are the Requirements to Work as a Medical Assistant?

For the most part, the successful completion of a Medical Assistance program. Most community colleges and non-profit vocational schools have master's programs, usually lasts about 9-12 months, although some associate degree programs.  

About the practice 

Of physician work occasionally has a pair of MA ORA they were really patient care in the obstetrics unit to work, but because doctors knew about these clinical PCT skills, professionalism and knowledge in the workplace at Work / delivery, had no problem with them "running the patients' office. The other MAs  in the entire practice / graduate programs MA.

Consider this 
The CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and a physician assistant (certified, registered, or just MA) are not the same job and have the same duties. You'd be surprised how much people think they are one and the same.

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Medical assistant said...

Medical assistants can be hired by the family practice, medical group offices, outpatient clinics without an appointment, medical centers and other facilities in the employment of doctors and licensed health professionals. These workers are mainly focused on managing the daily routines of administration and enforcement of clinical medicine, treatment of patients in and out as they arrive at their appointments, refer patients to appropriate clinical areas and answering the phone.

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