Should You invest in Foreign Currency to prepare for Hyperinflation in the US?

First Point

The most important is that all currency trading is done in pairs: Yen against the U.S. dollar as a simple example. Flat investment in other currencies is investment. That is a very complicated and it is very unwise to talk about it with a single thought ("hyperinflation in the United States"). Because currency trading involves betting on two things, not one. Current example is the strengthening U.S. dollar. Reason: Euro is a bigger mess. You may be right ("U.S. dollar is a disaster waiting to happen") and lose their @ ​​ss in forex trading because you get the time or the wrong relationship.

Second Point

At present there are only 15 major currencies on free trade, of which 3 are large and liquid enough to sustain world trade: USD (U.S. dollar), (Japanese Yen) JPY EUR (Euro) . Four more serious can handle the volume: UK, Franco Suisse, Canadian and Australian dollar. That's it.

What is the strongest currency?

What is the whole shooting match is dependent on the U.S. Dollar. More than 80% (underline, bold, capital letters and) the negotiation is based on the U.S. dollar. You should be careful in assuming any significant change in the present world monetary order. The euro has recently failed in its attempt to be "alternative" to the USD. There is absolutely nothing that can replace the dollar in 20 years or so. Nothing.


That the dollar has already lost its value based on gold. The U.S. dollar 2010 is worth less than 5 cents compared to the U.S. dollar 1914. And still the world currency and we all live lives rich and prosperous (compared to the rest of the world and 1914). Complex economic situations often make macro bets very, very bad economics.

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