Specifically what kind of jobs can you do in Marketing/Advertising. What exactly do you do?

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It is true that the advertising industry isn't doing too well, but there are plenty of vacancies for market researchers/analysts. Basically what a market researcher does is research the market as a whole so that means what products people would like to buy, the competition etc. It's more boring than marketing/advertising, but at the moment that's where the jobs are at. You can become one with a degree in economics or business administration. If you're just going for advertising, then a degree in communications would suffice too.

With Marketing Degree you can do/work on the following Positions:

1. Assistant Marketing Manager
2. Marketing Manager
3. Purchasing Officer
4. Sales Manager
5. Sales Supervisor
6. Price Analyst
7. Supply Chain Manager
8.Warehouse Manager
9. Advertising Manager
10. Media Manager
11. Media Coordinator

With Advertising degree you can work only points of 9, 10, and 11.

As you can see is a very busy place, I believe you will have better chances to succeed with a Marketing Degree rather than with a degree in Advertising. Anyhow, it is also obvious from the above statements; you stand a much better business position with the Marketing Degree.

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