What are good ways to Sell ads Yearbook?


You should think about what companies will want to advertise to a group of school age (eg, fast food and other restaurants, cinemas, etc.). So it's likely to just talk to the managers of these places and let them know your offer. Make sure you can tell exactly how much it will cost, how many people are willing to buy the yearbook, etc (you want all the details before agreeing to buy any advertising space).


You can also try making a simple brochure that anyone could give managers after talking with them to remember your offer or at the hands of less discriminatory for companies. The traveler must include contact information, prices, and most importantly the key points presented and it would be a good investment for an advertising business in the directory (for example, the number of people likely to see the ads) .


If you can get in touch with who was in charge of selling advertising space before, I certainly have advice for you. The bottom line is you should not be afraid to ask the best way to sell space. Ask your teachers, peers, etc.

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