What are reasons for the increasing emphasis on sales promotion and publicity about marketing organizations?

Whatever position you are, any profession, sales promotion and promotion are essential. This is because if you can not convince their customers the benefits of your product / service, then do not buy in the first place and opportunities for expansion will be limited. To say the least.

Promotion and Publicity

If you want the need for growth promotion and advertising. None of these has problems. Both are also extremely important, and are usually only carried out successfully in large organizations that have money in your pocket to try different things.

The technology and marketing

The next twenty years will be exciting time for marketing with the overall use of new forms of media. It will also be the challenge of how to market and properly present a great need for sustainable technologies for current consumption. The technology is there for the world to be fully sustainable. However, getting there and to alert consumers and make it profitable area requires advertising and promotion. This is where the real challenge for most large organizations.

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