What documents are needed to rent your first apartment?

Varies somewhat from property to property (more established, larger properties in areas requiring more pleasant, of course), but here are some things you can ask
  • First and last month's rent (very common)
  • Security deposit (also common)
  • Pet deposit, pet ownership
  • Credit history - the most pleasant, often the better your credit needs
  • Aval - although not explicitly required, if you have bad credit or no history, which has a row for at least the first year of your rent can help you get anyway
  • Full details of all the tenants - if you want mate, and make sure you have all your information too - to come up with half of what you need shows to be disorganized and perhaps not the best candidate for hire
  • Renters Insurance - covers your property in case of fire, theft, whatever (check policy to verify coverage) - also shows that it is a good tenant.
  • Rental history - can only be a hall of residence as this is their first apartment, but hey, better than nothing.
Info Automobile

Possibly including license plate numbers and proof of insurance. May be needed for parking passes, and assure the owners that are covered in the event that remains of his property.  

In addition, You may need to authorize a background check, credit check, or even a criminal background check.

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background check company said...

You can also implement a background check to make sure the safeness of your family. Because you don't know the real identity of the person who rent on your apartment.

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