What is Google Adwords and how to use it?

It is an advertising tool provided by Google. To pay Google to promote your business through AdWords and put your advertising on websites relevant to your business.

This is a website promotion and marketing system

Using the right keywords you are promoting your website rank among the Google results and values ​​of the parts of each keyword a value that is subject to supply and market demand.

For example

If you associate your site with the keyword "car", the use of the word ad board script utility to determine the current value of the same, for example $ 1 then if you pay $ 1.1 to ensure that every time someone looks at your website vehicle will arrive first. 


Once you click on your account will be charged that amount, you can specify the maximum amount you want to spend per day, for example $ 10 per day the word ad dashboard is linked to your Gmail account

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