About business as a freelance copywriter

Freelance copywriters need to experience something that will allow themselves to be experts in a very specific niche market. For example, there are editors who are experts to write about a specific breed of dog, or MRI machines, or cosmetic dentistry, or organizing adventure travel trips in remote locations.

Most freelance writers

They can leave their day jobs. Most are still an average of $ 5000 / year, which is the same freelance writers had average income back to the mid 1970's - which was just enough to rent a one bedroom apt in those days.

Consider this

Language-level positions are unremunerated or very low pay - and a highly competitive position. And it has to be an expert in a niche.


We believe that fees should be charged for your writing services. If you get bad customers who are unable or unwilling to pay the standard charge of drafting, will not survive. And if you undermine, you'll never get decent customers. Cheap is cheap - not worth it. Who are good at what you do and charge standard rates for it, or let the pen.

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