How to Increase Sales in a Store, with Old and New Products?

Products tend to be offered on the basis of certain conditions, businesses have many reasons to put items on sale after that is the worst seller and want to increase their sales, they just want to increase competition.

Identify the old product

As you have identified the products are of age / date and need to sell so the price is reduced. This will allow them to dispose of the shares before waste is expensive, I prefer to sell the product at a cheap price rather than pay for it to be removed.

Identifying New Product

This is a new product on the market that particular product industry is saturated. For example, when Virgin Cola launched its range was introduced in the market at a very low price to undercut the main competitor to Coca-Cola. This was to boost sales and increase market share once the prices set up.

*. -It all depends on the industry, and market demand.

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