How to Make Email Marketing Campaign Successful?

It will be difficult to make an effective email campaign if you do not have your own list of opt-in subscribers. Most of the lists shopping tends to be classified as spam and a large percentage will not be delivered. Lost money.

The best way to  

Overcome this is to visit some other local businesses that have a mailing list and offer to pay a referral fee if you get results of a post made to your list. Or you could barter with them for some work to do for them. In addition, the online search of "newsletters name of your city or community", ie. Bulletin knoxville.


Some local newsletters that are open and you can buy one at your mailing list, or also provide a reference / barter. If you have not tried post-marketing cards, which still works if you are consistent and do mailings regularly... You can also create (if not already) a page from Google Places. This works very well.

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Good post. In fact I have created a page from Google Places with very encouraging results.

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