I am looking to buy a house and I am wondering how to get in on a short sale

There are some free seminars that provide all the information about buying homes. Today the housing market is very unreal and real estate are cheaters and it is impossible to trust them. They manipulate the market at your convenience.

About short sale

Most times when you see a short sale or any other home with a good price is not real, the real estate market manipulation in order to obtain for himself or for someone who wants to sell. And if it does not, make you pay more for the property to ge more excuses, because they worry about their own interests, not about you as a buyer. Furthermore, when asked about a house they show you only the homes that sold only because they want to get all of the commission for themselves, and if asked by other homes that are not vendors begin to make excuses because not share the commission with real estate. 

The cheapest prices 

On the real estate market is that you can find in the action. You will not have to pay extra 10,000 or more for their services. You only need to go to a bank like Chase, Wells Fargo or other measures approved, and then find the list of actions, and then find the house you want and check the house and see that before the date of actions. no actions everywhere.

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