There is a way to Read my Email Marketing Statistics correctly?

If using an answering machine-like aweber or constant contact, you can access your account and see the open rate of HTML e-mails sent. (Does not work with text messages). That gives you some information, but the best strategy is to create more than one version of each email you send and test them together to see which gets more open.

The key

Will the email subject, and that's what you want to test. I use Aweber and give you an answer on how much it is likely that the mail is to be delivered, and the results of actual delivery. In fact, it guides you through the process extensively. This does not work as a solution if it is a mass mailing to people who have no edit option on your list. In fact, it's probably a waste of time and resources.

The best way

You make a post, if you do not have a list, contact the owner newsletter (writing about your niche) and pay them an email (s) to your list. Just check their accounts to make sure readers are getting what you pay for.

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