What are the forms of payment, when starting a job?

Payment cycles are different depending on the company. payments are

- weekly
- Twice weekly (every 2 weeks)
- Twice a month (2 times a month)
- monthly

If you work a job that pays the premiums, they can come at any time ever, once a year. Oops, almost forgot to mention that companies can withhold a paycheck, although some start paying immediately.

For example,

If you are paid every two weeks, and the company retains a paycheck, then you have to get 2 weeks after starting. There is one caveat to this, however, if you start in the middle of your billing cycle, you can only get paid a week for the first paycheck, and then two weeks after that, you will receive a regular twice weekly paycheck.

consider this

And the places that pay monthly, often allow you to borrow some money from the employer to get through the short times.

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