What are some jobs in the medical field with irregular hours?

As we said here a thousand times, the "medicine" includes thousands of different jobs. People who provide medical plastic tubes are considered part of "medicine." It is necessary to reduce the amount of questions and try again. Looking for patient care? At what level? Looking for management? Looking for the minimum education? Looking to blue collar?

Anyone working

In the emergency department is more likely to have irregular schedules on a regular basis. A document ED could run five night shifts, have 2 weeks off, then work five shifts from 06 am-6 pm and then have a month off. Nurses, protected areas, ordinances, receptionists, MA, and anyone else involved in erectile dysfunction can also have irregular schedules that change with each program.

Any document

Have some sort of trauma or call call the emergency room is likely to work irregular hours. An orthopedic surgeon on call can work a full day of the clinic and then have to go at 3 am in the cause of car accidents, fireworks, or a little old lady breaking her hip.

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