Where can you get credit cards in Canada?

In Canada, credit cards are issued by credit card companies - Visa or Mastercard. Banks simply sends the information to the credit card company who run the credit check and decide. In some cases, the bank will send you a note that you are a valued customer and in extremely rare cases, the bank can attest to that - that is, your financial advisor knows that you have $ 100,000 in investments through its bank, a lot of normal RRSP and savings, own your own home, etc.

Processing takes

Two to three weeks for as long as you send the card. You can ask the bank to recommend to accelerate the process and send the card to your bank. That could shave a week or so out of it, but again, it would be much appreciated.

If you need a credit card immediately,

Just get a prepaid credit card. There is no approval process for these and the banks that can offer them to you, either in place - or a day or two.

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