Where to find mortgage lenders in your area ?

The list of lenders varies from one area to another. Go to a website like and see what comes up. If your agent is well versed in the market, must be able to tell the names of lenders who normally use. If not, you might want to find another agent. Sometimes, dealing with friends and family members leads to problems.

But, go to the internet.

You can put in "mortgage brokers" and the name of your city and state, and you will find a list, sites with scores of other services received, and even the Mortgage Bankers Association grading companies find there .

Consider this  

In addition, a mortgage broker, you only have to apply once (the broker) and provides information to lenders for you. When the loan, the broker gets a cash payment from the lender as a commission. Some so-called "no cost" lenders also used part of its commitment to pay for their borrowing costs (credit report, escrow fees, the company, etc), saving you money up front. This can result in a rate slightly higher (about 1 / 4% or less), but you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in costs against the loan.

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