10 Strategies that should be applied for make a team successful

1) You must be your role model.
2) You should try and approach them friendly.

3) When no occasion upholstery pin point their old mistakes and ask them to make sure not to repeat.

4) Set the goal with a timeout and do not ask / bother to finish. Encourage them if they finish early.

5) Everyone on the team should be treated equally as a family as a whole.

6) Do not make any comparisons.

7) Do not complain about the individuals within the team.

8) Do not let rumors within the team.

9) Never let others / other equipment for his business to intervene teas.

10) Always try to work together and do not say your job / my job / your job - but our job - what kind of motivation has to be induced.

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Sam Jhon said...

Currently i am leading one team at my office, and trust me those tips are super worth to apply, I have to say you thanks to share a such article with tips. Any one can be a good leader by apply those tips. :D

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