About the job as a private banker in US

A private banker, financial acumen and apply economic knowledge to help high net worth clients as to achieve short-term investment or long-term goals of retirement. A private banker, also known as a personal financial advisor or a specialist in wealth management, can sometimes provide investment advice to an organization such as a pension fund or a philanthropic institution.

About the responsibilities

A private banker assesses a client's financial data or investment objectives, and recommend strategies based on client's risk profile and personal financial statements. Profile of a customer risk indicates that you prefer risky assets such as stocks and futures, or favors lower-risk products such as bonds and U.S. Treasury notes. A client's financial statements include statements of financial position, profit and loss, cash flow and equity. A personal financial advisor can also examine the risk profile of an endowment fund of the university, a charitable organization or a retirement fund and recommend appropriate investment options.

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