Do you need sources for your vocation paper, what is about nursing ?

As a career choice, nursing meets all the criteria that people cite for the satisfaction of the race. Things like mobility, transferability of skills from one place to another.
  • Flexibility is another factor that people value, nurses work 24 / 7 to have the ability to work around their other demands such as childcare and education.
  • Employability is another factor and nurses are in high demand so that the probability of finding work is very high.
  • Versatility is a desirable factor, nurses can enter hundreds of addresses with their careers, plus all medical specialties, they can do things such as teaching and administration.
  • Compensation is also very competitive, nursing offers the highest wages for the least amount of educational investment.
Very important

The other reasons may be things such as altruism, being able to help people you love in emergency situations, health care is virtually recession-proof, nursing is a profession and professionals tend to be happier that "workers" - that's all I can think of right now ...

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