Here are the steps in starting your online store on Facebook

1) Visit: (must login, if you are registered at the time) and click on "Create Page"

2.) Choose and click on "Local Business or place" or "brand or product"

3.) Complete all required information and agree to terms of Facebook. You can use your own Facebook account or make a new one, I suggest you just use your old account, which is the same.

4.) Whoalla! you have your own business page on Facebook, the online store of Facebook, but its just begun. Please read more.

5.) Of course "like" their own page, upload your logo business.

6.) Propose your Facebook online store to your friends by clicking "Suggest to friends" and choose all your friends and Done Success!.

7.) Now you can add your product images, the procedure is as upload images to your personal account. Make sure you have the information page where people can contact you. It is also important that you put your email address.

8.) Before Guideline No. 7, you can edit your page by clicking "Edit page" seen at the top of his tent on Facebook.

9.) Start selling online by promoting your site, use the URL automatically and share as wall post or email to your prospects.

Tips on how to effectively sell on Facebook:

1.) Their products should be interesting and in demand, although it is just an opinion.

2.) Invite all your friends by suggesting his Facebook page Business Guide (No. 6).

3.) Message your friends, something like: "Hi, I'm selling handmade things, jewelry, things like tape and other small objects, some want to come-on get ... You know what to do: Contact Us "

4.) Promote, through the wall post, every day, but not over-spam - Yes, you can set on the wall, linked to its online store at Facebook.

5.) Tell your friends to promote exchange and give them something Referrals

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