How to be a good leader to lead a team ?

To me - To be a good team leader must first know about their players well, its caliber, and all they lack. then assign tasks according to their capacity. so they can deliver performance without fail due to their limitations.

Very important

When ever they get some work, explaining what the goal, how to get there or what to do to get the flag is a necessity. other end of the day be in trouble if someone in your player said to have spent the time they are wondering what to do! [Do not laugh, trust me, this can happen, I've been there! ]. keep track of tasks to team members and follow up to see your progress, which could be daily / weekly / monthly according to your project / needs ... Doing this will help you know where you stand right now, time to go, what is more to be done to achieve the goal ...

Regarding the priority -

I think it's easy to figure out when you have multiple assignments, also known deadlines, etc. huh? to prioritize them according to their merit, what to do today means it must be done now and then the rest ... but there are sometimes we have to do a LOTZ of things at once, but this is when we do 'multitasking' eh?

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