How to determine the pay for car insurance in the UK ?

It depends on your age, driving experience / history and vehicle type. As a mature driver with a clean license and record a time "no-claims low mileage driving a car fairly low risk in a moderately low risk area, I have to pay around £ 300 for full insurance (including legal cover and protected no-claims). Given that I have at least 60% no claims discount, the basic premium for me to be around £ 750.

Higher risk, but pay

If I had a bad driving record or inexperienced or lived in a danger area or riskier driving a car, the premium will be higher - perhaps much higher. My nephew recently graduated, quoted £ 2500 to secure a sentence of age, low-powered car around £ 500. The premium reflects the risk that the insurer believes it represents. I think the burden for young people is unfair and disproportionate, but, again, I have no data from insurance companies have.

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I am familiar with few of the factors that are considered while evaluating the cost of car insurance policy. The points that you have mentioned are unique. Thanks for explaining them.
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