How to find good insurance companies for health insurance in US?

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Would have to understand their definition of "good." The best plan usually means the most comprehensive coverage, but some people that means the cheapest and for others it means a plan that has the coverage they need. Policies cheap usually means that the limited benefits, which may be acceptable, provided that you are aware of these limitations.


Would have to know your height and weight, because insurance companies refuse to accept it or you can increase your premium based on their weight.


Would have to know what your current health status is because insurance companies refuse to accept it or increase your premium based on your current health status.


Would have to know its location, since insurance companies do not write policies in each state.


Would have to know your age, since some policies are only available in a certain age.

Consider this

In other words, talk with a local agent who works with all major insurance companies in your area. The agent can help you find the best plan for your situation and budget. Can you explain what you get and, more importantly, so do not get the "cheap" policies. There is no extra charge using an agent.

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Johnmark1478 said...

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Andrea said...

I like all the points that you have listed to find a good insurance company in US. My friend has to shift to US in next coming month, I will recommend this article to him. Thanks for sharing.
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