How to interview a good real estate agent to sell your house ?

  • Ask what their marketing plan to sell the house is.
  • Ask them what the house will sell for (but not choose based on that answer alone).
  • Ask about their experience and the neighborhoods they specialize.
  • Ask them how many ads you have to make sure that it will be able to have time to concentrate on selling theirs.
  • Have commercial references.
Consider this

Ask friends if they know of any good realtors and invite a few more to give a presentation. Usually, it will give a presentation on their marketing plan, along with a comparative market analysis of your home if it's worth and be able to explain exactly why.

Very important

Make sure you answer their questions and not talk over your head. No matter which you choose, remember you are the boss! You can also try to negotiate the commission rate, but if you find one that is not likely that the agent is not the most professional real estate and work harder to do the job. good luck

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