How to plan your way in order to become an Investment Banker?

Qualifying for investment bankers is a Master in Business Administration with 2 years of graduate study is essential to grow in this particular area. Jobs at the entry level analyst for the programs are available to graduates who suffers requires experience in investment banking profession.

You must develop the following attributes

1. As the work also includes several tax analysis for a well-constructed background in finance and economics is the prime necessity.

2. Not only that, but also personal and strategic skills are important for investment banks.
Need to work at least 70 hours a week or more, and all night sessions before deals close are treated as the norm rather than the exception.

3. Investment banker should be efficient and discreet enough to handle the entire operation in a single point in time.

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Industrial Investment Banking said...

Hi Friends,

An investment banker is an individual who works with both large corporations and smaller companies to develop business deals. This includes applying for corporate loans, finding investors and selling stock shares.

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