How to start a t-shirt business?

In the first place.

You need to open a business. This means several things. Check with your local Score details on starting a business in your city and state. Basically means the business name, obtaining the appropriate licenses, open a bank account, obtain a resale certificate (if required by your state) and comes with a business plan.

Be creative.

Research trends of fashion and come to their design ideas. If the artist can do his work of art itself. Otherwise, find a graphic designer to help you. If you are a screen print your designs, remember that each color of his artwork is a different screen. Check with the printing company you are using for further clarification. They can help your camera ready work. If you know Photoshop, put each color or design on a separate layer.

Buy the shirts.

That's right, many companies use shirts made by another person. Search White T-shirt companies. When you find the business you want to buy, call and set up an account. Be sure to consider the minimum necessary for printing when ordering.

Get labels made.

There are many companies make different types of labels. Then you can sew on their shirts or hire another company or employees do it for you. Be sure to leave the care labels on the shirts.

You're ready to go!

Now you have to sell. If you are selling to retailers, it is necessary to determine the wholesale price and find a way to connect with buyers. This may involve visiting stores, advertising or go to trade shows. Selling directly to customers may involve the sale in his own shop or through their website.

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