Is possible to obtain a business idea of a program or a business magazine?

It is unlikely that a business idea is anything you see in a magazine or see on CNBC. I suppose it could happen, but not very likely.

Consider this

All business ideas or solve a problem or meet a need. See the world around you. Do you see a problem? Are your friends complaining about something? Finding answers to these simple questions can give you an idea of ​​what could be the beginning of a new business.


Now, have a business idea will not suffice. Most start-ups, not really, something like 90% fail within the first 5 years. Also need to learn to run a business. And the most important skill you must learn is to sell. Because without paying customers without money and without money (and profit), business is not.

A business is a passion

But more than that, you have to have the passion to be in business for himself. The real key is you have to do something that is absolutely, positively love! Words of warning, never, never, do or provide something you like and then try to sell it. People either need something or want something. It is best to fill a need that you have researched. Many small entrepreneurs that I know, myself included, work all day and think they're having fun. Working 80 hours a week is nothing. Owning a small business is hard work but great!

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