The silver industry is being considered as a solid investment ?

Firstly, my answer is yes, investing in silver for the last two years or less, silver prices more than doubled. Some people do not understand the commodity markets, copper, coffee, gold, oil, etc etc.

For example

When the economy is not doing well, when the share market is not doing well, when the currency is weak, people are going for the gold or silver, first of all liquid, you can sell at any time.


For each stock exchange or commodity market is not the peak or low for long-term investors, you have to think, what item / s you choose to make the investment that gives more spin, but do not forget is the market still strongly feel that while gold is down, but will return soon, you can go down to 1650 / - or even more, but will recover soon.

World economy

The global economy is not growing, inflation is too high compared with return on investment. well, people choose the item, shares, deposits, gold, oil, silver can generate a higher yield, then inflation. In this respect also, do not forget to calculate your tax capital gains.

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