Strengths and Weaknesses to say in a job interview

First Is Preparing for a job interview. dress well, have confidence in yourself, knowing that there is no one like you, in a job interview to clarify your strengths not fib, tell the interviewer that its purpose and goal in life is to succeed through hard work and I do not want direct access after the job interview only stand with confidence, look the person in the eye and say in a loud tone of voice happy, sir by hiring me you have nothing to lose and perhaps much to gain and I hope to serve you and your company.

Consider this

When I ask an applicant what his greatest weakness is that I want to hear something that is not really a weakness at all. A good answer would be: "My biggest weakness is deligating. I know that if I take care of the task carried out in a timely manner." A strength can be anything. For example, "I am punctual" or "I am a team player" or marketing, "I think outside the box."

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Sam Jhon said...

Super tips mate, I am going to have my first interview this Monday,those tips gonna be a big advantage for me. Now really i am confident about my job interview

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