To start a culinary business with successfully must follow these 10 Steps:

1. Developing your business concept. Must include the types of foods you offer, how and where food is prepared, and the method of delivery.

2. Identify your target market. Who are your customers, where they are and how much they spend on food? Its main market would be college students, busy families, or people holding special events.

3. Identify your competitors and how you will make your business unique and valuable. Your competition is from companies and individuals who are in the same business, which is feeding people. They are restaurants and fast food places, caterers and grocery stores (especially those with service delicatessen). How will your business differ from those of their competitors? And how these differences will help you attract customers?

4. Enter your mission statement. It should be a brief statement (a sentence that is better) that describes your service, your commitment to quality and customer service, and why the service is very valuable to the community.

5. Make a list of equipment, supplies and materials needed to prepare food that will keep the menu and the cost associated with each item.

6. The health department's research needs, and state and local licenses and permits must be in accordance with the law.

7. Decide on the methods and means by which to market, promote and advertise your business cooking at home, and the cost associated with each.

8. Create a budget for your business start-up and during the first six months of operations, based on information from five to seven steps.

9. Set some reasonable goals for your new company based on the resources that have or can get, and how long you have to invest.

10. Financing your business. Where is the money? What can you afford the resources you have and how much you need to borrow?

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