A Viral Marketing Campaign would be the most effective for your website and get the most benefit.

Here is the catch to find something that will go viral is not easy but sometimes it just happens by chance. I mean, let's say you create a short video with your company name on it and upload it to YouTube. You can spend 10 minutes of your time to record the video, but the video is fun and start getting hits, then "liked", and then share on Twitter, passed as a link in emails, and then appeared in The Today Show ... the viral effect is huge! Now is the best marketing campaign can create today.

Think about it ...

Whether it is a video of an office supply company, a bank, or a type of local gardening ... brand awareness is achieved and the companies will start rolling in.

Consider this

Remember the baby dancing samba in YouTube? Can you imagine if the URL of your ecommerce store was there for 3 seconds at the end of the video? Imagine the number of visits to your site ... Well, I was thrilled. Maybe I will get something for my own site. I hope you found this helpful.

Other ways to promote your store include:

-Email Marketing 
-Blog commenting 
-Social Media Marketing  
-Pay Per Click (Search Engine Marketing)  
-Retargeting (this is too cold)

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