What is best, work for the Federal government or Private sector?

Each has its pros and cons, ultimately depends on what you want to accomplish and what is seen as valuable in your life.

Pros Government:

1. Once you're inside, you look great in the desired time.  
2. Learn more paid holidays than any other that will work.  
3. The benefits are enormous.  
4. Retirement. I know many people who withdraw from the government at young ages, but will hire again, and receive two checks. Can not beat that.

Cons government:

1. The salary cap.  
2. Time can be difficult if there are no vacancies available.

Pros Private Sector

1. More money involved.  
2. It may be easier to move up.

Cons Private Sector

1. Not so paid (PTO, vacation, sick leave, etc..) 
2. Benefits may not be as good as the government, or may have to cut because of the economy.

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