How to create a competitive strategy as part of a Business and Marketing plan?

Creating a competitive strategy, as part of a marketing plan and business that may help in the competition in the market and focus their efforts. By developing a competitive strategy, it is imperative that the organization will determine whether the advantage is sustainable over time. As the plan is essential to adopt a competitive strategy of an organization to add value to their customers and community.


Identify areas of focus of your organization and how to differentiate from the competition. Does your organization be a leader, follower or a company that offers challenges? Determine who your target customer is identified and its target population. Consider what type of clients they serve or served and their characteristics, which will provide, and where they are provided. This is important on several levels, since it will help your organization's strategy.

Create a list of competition

Make a list of organizations competing in your area or online that can be part of the current market share or future. Ranking the jurisdiction of the strongest competitor to the weaker and the market trends that may affect its size and customer base. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of the companies offering the same or similar services. You can treat broken into four distinct categories, including customer base, funds / investors, human resources, and online advertising or regional level. Take this test may help find ways forward as a leader in its market and give you methods to compete with others in the market.

Create a list of its market

Create a list that focuses on how you will expand your market. This may include finding new users, creating new clients or even encourage more use of products or services. Based on this information, consider how you can protect your current market, while enhancing its relationship with its consumers directly.

Gather Information

Gather all the information you created and write a sentence that describes your organization's strategy and competitive strategy. You can also write the text of a statement that takes the two together, focusing on both competition and strategies of the organization.

The strategy

Review and discuss competitive strategy with shareholders and other directors of the organization. You need to determine if the statement can be sustainable for years to come. Once there is a consensus that will remain sustainable competitive strategy, then you can take as a business strategy of your organization.

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