About Careers of Business Administration and Business World

Careers in Business Administration prepare students with the skills needed to meet future business demands. This major will provide each student with a solid business core that includes a wide experience in the functional areas of marketing, finance, accounting and administration, an understanding of the business environment to include the legal, financial resources, human, ethical and international issues, expertise in information systems and quantitative analysis, and the ability to communicate, integrate and synthesize.

In the Careers in Business Administration successful organizations today recognize that the selection, development and retention of human resources is key to the success of present and future.

No organization is better or stronger than the people who make up its staff. Human Resource Management (BBH) concentration prepares students to play an important role in the process of Human Resources organizations of all types: industrial and services, public and private sectors.

A solid core of business courses provides students with a practical understanding of Human Resource Management in the establishment of a "real world" human behavior courses provide an understanding of people's actions and motivation in a of work. Students also acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to take the Certified Human Resources Professional of the Society for Human Resource Management, a leading international association. This is important for all Careers of Business Administration and business world.

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