What work can I get with a Specialization in Applied Statistics?

Quality control

The total 6-sigma quality control, and 6-sigma black belt thing is driven by the applied statistics.... Complex economic analysis. a teacher uses to make economic assessments of the State Services Commission, the assessment of whether the utility rate hike made ​​economic sense.

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What are Jobs Involving Nanotechnology Today?

There is already work in nanotechnology, but it is not necessary for the job you really want.  

About the Industries

The solar industry now uses nano-particles to block UV radiation. The flat panel industry uses quantum dots to reissue the ultraviolet radiation in visible wavelengths. The bulb industry is also going to use quantum dots for the same reason. The digital camera industry to use quantum dots to absorb visible wavelengths and re-emit in the infrared, so the PV industry. The nanotubes are making a comeback in metallurgy as the secrets of Damascus steel is reinvented. 

As you can see

There are Plenty of jobs that involve nanotechnology, but it is a progression of jobs that existed in the field rather than a sudden onset of jobs that did not exist before.

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How to Start a Freelance Work for Companies?

You should join several temporary employment agencies in the field of temporary or freelance work. Some recommendations are: Aquent, The Creative Group, Spherion, Rose and many others worldwide.

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It can be a life insurance salesman with success today?

You may be struck by lightning. It may also be possible for a successful selling life insurance today. It is unclear which is more likely.

Take it your way

Economy in normal times, 95% of people who try to be successful life insurance sales is not possible. Economy in normal times, it is possible that only 5% of those treated. Today, the numbers would be even worse.

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What is Considered Insurance Fraud?

  • Insurance fraud is when a claim is false or misleading.
  • Lying to an insurance company. A fraudulent claim is just a form of fraud. Telling a company car insurance living in the suburbs (cheaper) instead of the city (more expensive) by using the direction of another person is an insurance fraud.

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What is the best way to invest, with a Bank or with an Investment Firm?

There is no "best way" to invest.  

But there is a risky way to high returns in a safe and low profit. At first, it is best to consult a finance manager and go low profit until he won a couple of years of experience. And if stocks go too high, just sell everything. It usually means they will go up or down, but the percentage down is much greater than is increasing. Unless the company in question comes with the new "hot" technology of the century ... like the iPhone.


You need prior knowledge, if you will invest in shares. You need to know what the company is planning, is working and what is happening financially to the company.

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How much money is recommended to start investing in something?

Want to play it safe? .. then continue to put their money in a bank and get a fixed income .. Want to take some risks and make money? .. put your money in the stock markets

You need not be a millionaire to invest,

But invest a small amount and is intended to be a millionaire :)... In summary, to $ 50 - $ 100 is good enough Approaching a stock broker to open an account and invest your money in a good deed .. Wait for the money grows significantly ... But do not play .. It takes time and patience to make money in the stock markets  
Investment  Fund

Or if you think that trade by itself is very risky, then invest in a mutual fund .. The fund manager / expert will handle your money .. Invest in a good mutual fund and let your money grow ...

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Why would you pay off the mortgage on a short sale?

The idea behind a short sale is that the house is not worth the mortgage balance, so that the bank allows the owner to sell the house for less than the mortgage balance (hence the term "short")  

There is no magic in buying a short sale 

And indeed a short sale is not necessarily great - usually a short sale home is priced at market value. A short sale is really only benefits the seller (unless a sale of real distress) and discomfort are many (turn around the long times, etc.).

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I am looking to buy a house and I am wondering how to get in on a short sale

There are some free seminars that provide all the information about buying homes. Today the housing market is very unreal and real estate are cheaters and it is impossible to trust them. They manipulate the market at your convenience.

About short sale

Most times when you see a short sale or any other home with a good price is not real, the real estate market manipulation in order to obtain for himself or for someone who wants to sell. And if it does not, make you pay more for the property to ge more excuses, because they worry about their own interests, not about you as a buyer. Furthermore, when asked about a house they show you only the homes that sold only because they want to get all of the commission for themselves, and if asked by other homes that are not vendors begin to make excuses because not share the commission with real estate. 

The cheapest prices 

On the real estate market is that you can find in the action. You will not have to pay extra 10,000 or more for their services. You only need to go to a bank like Chase, Wells Fargo or other measures approved, and then find the list of actions, and then find the house you want and check the house and see that before the date of actions. no actions everywhere.

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What is the best way to buy a house from foreclosure by a lot?

"The purchase of foreclosure (foreclosure not) at home" and "buy a house in a short sale" sound similar but are two different things. I recommend you learn a little about each process before making a move. None of them means you will have a property by paying the remaining balance on the mortgage.  

Properties in foreclosure,

Or both at the short sale will still be listed based on the comparison in that specific neighborhood, regardless of the balance of the mortgage.

Consider this

Buying a home to pay the remaining balance on the existing mortgage is totally different ball game. To do this, you assume the seller's existing loan with the permission of the current lender. You may have to pay a fee to the lender to assume the current loan. Most lenders generally do not favor them.

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