The silver industry is being considered as a solid investment ?

Firstly, my answer is yes, investing in silver for the last two years or less, silver prices more than doubled. Some people do not understand the commodity markets, copper, coffee, gold, oil, etc etc.

For example

When the economy is not doing well, when the share market is not doing well, when the currency is weak, people are going for the gold or silver, first of all liquid, you can sell at any time.


For each stock exchange or commodity market is not the peak or low for long-term investors, you have to think, what item / s you choose to make the investment that gives more spin, but do not forget is the market still strongly feel that while gold is down, but will return soon, you can go down to 1650 / - or even more, but will recover soon.

World economy

The global economy is not growing, inflation is too high compared with return on investment. well, people choose the item, shares, deposits, gold, oil, silver can generate a higher yield, then inflation. In this respect also, do not forget to calculate your tax capital gains.

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How to interview a good real estate agent to sell your house ?

  • Ask what their marketing plan to sell the house is.
  • Ask them what the house will sell for (but not choose based on that answer alone).
  • Ask about their experience and the neighborhoods they specialize.
  • Ask them how many ads you have to make sure that it will be able to have time to concentrate on selling theirs.
  • Have commercial references.
Consider this

Ask friends if they know of any good realtors and invite a few more to give a presentation. Usually, it will give a presentation on their marketing plan, along with a comparative market analysis of your home if it's worth and be able to explain exactly why.

Very important

Make sure you answer their questions and not talk over your head. No matter which you choose, remember you are the boss! You can also try to negotiate the commission rate, but if you find one that is not likely that the agent is not the most professional real estate and work harder to do the job. good luck

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How does a short sale house work in US ?

The bank agrees to stop selling the property, and you take the money from the sale as payment in full of the mortgage. Without a short sale if the house sells for less than you owe, the bank will probably not allow the sale, and if they do, you will pay the difference between the balance of the Mortgage and the amount of money from selling house brings.

Both parties agree

A short sale is not something that can only do. You have to make the Bank agrees. That is not easy.

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What is needed to obtain a U.S. patent for an invention, then start your business?

Contact SCORE is a good step. Go to and enter your zip code. SCORE counselors will help you with business advice. Here are some steps to protect your idea with a patent:


I recommend you prepare a document that fully describes the invention - how, how, and why do you think is valuable. This document should include drawings of what they have invented a written explaining what is shown in the drawings. 

With these materials (drawings and written description)

Can go in two different directions. First, you can present the material yourself with the Patent Office of the U.S. as a provisional patent application. Along with what we have prepared, send a check for filing fee payable to the Patent Office of the U.S. (Current fee is $ 110) and a cover sheet (a copy is in sb0016_fill.p ... Send by express mail, keep the originals and send copies of good, and look for a filing receipt from the office in the mail in about 30 - 45. The days of the patent office email addresses for a new patent application is the Commissioner of Patents, PO Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450. Do not worry that require a signature.


You can give it prepares a patent attorney and he / she will prepare and file a provisional patent application. If you try to do a very thorough job in describing his invention, which does not need a patent attorney.


After the provisional show, has one year before the next necessary step - filing a provisional patent application no. You need a patent attorney to prepare this version of the application.

Consider this

Before this year is, you have the opportunity to do two very important things. First, you must know how / if your invention is new. There have been 8 million patents have been issued and probably many items 1000X / publications / academic papers / etc. Your invention must be new to them. Do not worry, most inventions add something new.

The trick

Is what is the new look and how the patent "claims" You can try this by looking for yourself, the website of the Patent Office and other websites offer free tools for patent search. You can hire a search are not attorneys, search the Web. You can hire a patent attorney, if you hire a patent attorney he / she must provide you with a patent application proposal if he / she thinks that your invention is patentable.


The second thing you should do after filing a provisional application is to seek funding. Getting a patent with a good patent attorney will probably cost $ 10,000 - $ 20,000. You can put together a business plan and see if a bank can lend money to start a business based on its patent. Many cities now have "business incubators" that can support and help find investors. Note, to get the business going to be a lot more work to come up with the idea first.

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What causes small businesses fail and what makes them succeed?

Small businesses fail due to:
  • Lack of capital.
  • Inability to generate sales.
  • Poor cash flow.
  • Product quality.
  • Marketing and advertising no response.
  • Lack of adaptation to changing market conditions.
What makes them succeed:
  • Adequate financial planning - they know how much they need, when business is going to win, how will win.
  • Excellent planning from the beginning.
  • They are able to find a niche in highlighting.
  • To strive for quality first.
  • He listens to customers.
  • The innovative, quick to respond to changing times.

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