Where and how can you get a debit card just to shop and sell online?

So I was working this summer and they gave a me global cash card debit card and i used it to buy and sell stuff on amazon, but i quit working and the card is mainly used to shop and sell online. the card expires in 2014 and i was wondering if i can lose my money in the card since no money is being transfered into my card from work

Consider this:

The card is actually attached to a bank account that you don't have full access to.

If you want a debit card that you have full control over then you go to a bank, open a checking account and deposit money into that account. The bank will issue you an ATM check card for the account. Just make sure they give you one with either Visa or MasterCard logo so you can use it to buy stuff online.

You can ask the bank to help you transfer any funds from the global cash card to your actual bank account. This way you can get all the money out of it before it expires.

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