Take this guide to learn about Investment and Trade to make money

If you are new markets that would be better served by spending a little time and effort to learn more about investment and trade. Take time to learn the "stock market game and learn the secrets of successful investors and traders.

Contrary to popular belief,

Investment funds to retail are not great investments - Check out 'The Lies About Money "by Ric Edelman for an insider to take the financial system and why the investment funds to retail are not good investments . While it is desirable to seek help from a financial advisor, is just as important (if not more) to read and acquire knowledge to yourself.

The best way

Make the most of your money to start investing early - allowing you to put the power of compounding on your side. Also, contrary to popular belief, do not have to be a "good stock pickers" to win in the stock market.

Consider this

Proper money management (asset allocation) and the minimization of risk are the keys to winning the game of stock market. For more information about this (with mathematical proof), reading 'The Stock Market Game. You will be amazed how easy it is to learn this, and how much fun it can be.

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A beginner's guide about how to start Online Trading in Commodities

The first thing I do is choose a commodity broker. Almost all commodity brokers offering online trading, but some specialize in online commerce. I am currently using my TradeStation trading. They have an excellent business platform for graphics, quotes, strategy analysis and order entry. There are many other online brokers that offer a good product, good service and low rates of commission. I also like Interactive Brokers Trading and Daniels.

Account Procedures Commodities

Each commodity broker is required to complete the account forms to open an account. Forms of trafficking, primarily because of their financial information and risks involved in commodity trading. Your financial information is important because the products are highly leveraged and the possibility exists that you may lose more money you invest. Therefore, the agent wants to know your income, assets and solvency.

Being qualified

Not everyone who completes the account applications will be allowed to open an account of raw materials. The broker may use his discretion as to whether you consider an acceptable risk and whether they feel are appropriate for commodity trading. The higher your income, business experience and creditworthiness, which has better chance for approval.

Before You Start Trading Commodities Online

Once you choose a commodity broker to trade online and get your account approved to trade, you will have to fund the account. There are many theories about the size of the account must begin, but it is totally your comfort level and risk tolerance.

Real trade

Now before you start trading real money, I would strongly suggest that you have a well-researched business plan in place before risking any money. We also recommend using the platform of their commodity broker simulated trading before you start direct trade. This will make you familiar with the placement of orders and could save you from making some critical errors to entry for real money.

Consider this

My final words of advice before starting to trade products online is to choose your trades wisely and avoid overtrading. If you are placing a wave of operations and look back at the end of the day wondering what happened - that overtrading. That is one of the largest drops in most commodity traders.

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How to become a floor trader?

Get a bachelor's degree from a prestigious university in finance. Probably an MBA as well. Full CFA Program. Being engaged in one of the few brokerage firms that are members of the bag with the floor traders (in competition with thousands of others more qualified than you) and get promoted to a position of floor trader.

Consider this

Get a degree in petroleum engineering in place. The pay is the highest in the world, not many people can finish the degree.

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How to determine the pay for car insurance in the UK ?

It depends on your age, driving experience / history and vehicle type. As a mature driver with a clean license and record a time "no-claims low mileage driving a car fairly low risk in a moderately low risk area, I have to pay around £ 300 for full insurance (including legal cover and protected no-claims). Given that I have at least 60% no claims discount, the basic premium for me to be around £ 750.

Higher risk, but pay

If I had a bad driving record or inexperienced or lived in a danger area or riskier driving a car, the premium will be higher - perhaps much higher. My nephew recently graduated, quoted £ 2500 to secure a sentence of age, low-powered car around £ 500. The premium reflects the risk that the insurer believes it represents. I think the burden for young people is unfair and disproportionate, but, again, I have no data from insurance companies have.

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Do you need sources for your vocation paper, what is about nursing ?

As a career choice, nursing meets all the criteria that people cite for the satisfaction of the race. Things like mobility, transferability of skills from one place to another.
  • Flexibility is another factor that people value, nurses work 24 / 7 to have the ability to work around their other demands such as childcare and education.
  • Employability is another factor and nurses are in high demand so that the probability of finding work is very high.
  • Versatility is a desirable factor, nurses can enter hundreds of addresses with their careers, plus all medical specialties, they can do things such as teaching and administration.
  • Compensation is also very competitive, nursing offers the highest wages for the least amount of educational investment.
Very important

The other reasons may be things such as altruism, being able to help people you love in emergency situations, health care is virtually recession-proof, nursing is a profession and professionals tend to be happier that "workers" - that's all I can think of right now ...

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Medical Coding or Medical Transcription: What's the most rewarding career?

Medical transcription can be a very rewarding career. However, you must have an interest in the field of medicine to be a successful MT. The MTs that are successful tend to be very organized and very self-sufficient. No need someone looking over your shoulder when they are told to do work or how.

The ability to:

MTs to succeed you need to have the ability to do research on medical terms, drug names, and any other medical information related to the dictation is being transcribed. Much of this research can be done through the use of the Internet and other types of research can be done through having the correct reference books on hand.

Consider this for a medical transcriptionist

Anyone considering becoming a medical transcription should do your research to make sure that this is the right career choice for them. You want to know as much as you can about the career of medical transcription. It is also important to ensure you get the appropriate training course medical transcription is needed to become a successful MT.

About the medical coding

Medical coding is completely based on office work and you should have the medical knowledge of depth to this work. Medical coder will code the transcribed document. It must have good skills of trial, should not raise or lower coding, etc. ..

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How to define the target customer to develop a successful marketing plan for your business?

You can not answer that until you define your target customer. This is where most businesses fail. They have no idea who actually purchase (or to buy) its products. They only want to sell to everyone.

So ask yourself,

First: Have you designed a product that could potentially new corner a new market segment, does a lower price that undercuts its competitors, their products are much better? What is your hook? Why customers should buy from you instead of someone else? Who is trying to sell? Is anyone who reads magazines or websites? Or do you mostly sell to repeat customers, who then contact your company by word of mouth to your partners? Do your products are unique and should be shown the picture, or are so familiar to potential users that you can use the text? And where your potential clients general information about your business?.

Consider this

These are the principles of the thousand questions that will develop a good marketing plan.

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The silver industry is being considered as a solid investment ?

Firstly, my answer is yes, investing in silver for the last two years or less, silver prices more than doubled. Some people do not understand the commodity markets, copper, coffee, gold, oil, etc etc.

For example

When the economy is not doing well, when the share market is not doing well, when the currency is weak, people are going for the gold or silver, first of all liquid, you can sell at any time.


For each stock exchange or commodity market is not the peak or low for long-term investors, you have to think, what item / s you choose to make the investment that gives more spin, but do not forget is the market still strongly feel that while gold is down, but will return soon, you can go down to 1650 / - or even more, but will recover soon.

World economy

The global economy is not growing, inflation is too high compared with return on investment. well, people choose the item, shares, deposits, gold, oil, silver can generate a higher yield, then inflation. In this respect also, do not forget to calculate your tax capital gains.

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How to interview a good real estate agent to sell your house ?

  • Ask what their marketing plan to sell the house is.
  • Ask them what the house will sell for (but not choose based on that answer alone).
  • Ask about their experience and the neighborhoods they specialize.
  • Ask them how many ads you have to make sure that it will be able to have time to concentrate on selling theirs.
  • Have commercial references.
Consider this

Ask friends if they know of any good realtors and invite a few more to give a presentation. Usually, it will give a presentation on their marketing plan, along with a comparative market analysis of your home if it's worth and be able to explain exactly why.

Very important

Make sure you answer their questions and not talk over your head. No matter which you choose, remember you are the boss! You can also try to negotiate the commission rate, but if you find one that is not likely that the agent is not the most professional real estate and work harder to do the job. good luck

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How does a short sale house work in US ?

The bank agrees to stop selling the property, and you take the money from the sale as payment in full of the mortgage. Without a short sale if the house sells for less than you owe, the bank will probably not allow the sale, and if they do, you will pay the difference between the balance of the Mortgage and the amount of money from selling house brings.

Both parties agree

A short sale is not something that can only do. You have to make the Bank agrees. That is not easy.

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What is needed to obtain a U.S. patent for an invention, then start your business?

Contact SCORE is a good step. Go to and enter your zip code. SCORE counselors will help you with business advice. Here are some steps to protect your idea with a patent:


I recommend you prepare a document that fully describes the invention - how, how, and why do you think is valuable. This document should include drawings of what they have invented a written explaining what is shown in the drawings. 

With these materials (drawings and written description)

Can go in two different directions. First, you can present the material yourself with the Patent Office of the U.S. as a provisional patent application. Along with what we have prepared, send a check for filing fee payable to the Patent Office of the U.S. (Current fee is $ 110) and a cover sheet (a copy is in sb0016_fill.p ... Send by express mail, keep the originals and send copies of good, and look for a filing receipt from the office in the mail in about 30 - 45. The days of the patent office email addresses for a new patent application is the Commissioner of Patents, PO Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450. Do not worry that require a signature.


You can give it prepares a patent attorney and he / she will prepare and file a provisional patent application. If you try to do a very thorough job in describing his invention, which does not need a patent attorney.


After the provisional show, has one year before the next necessary step - filing a provisional patent application no. You need a patent attorney to prepare this version of the application.

Consider this

Before this year is, you have the opportunity to do two very important things. First, you must know how / if your invention is new. There have been 8 million patents have been issued and probably many items 1000X / publications / academic papers / etc. Your invention must be new to them. Do not worry, most inventions add something new.

The trick

Is what is the new look and how the patent "claims" You can try this by looking for yourself, the website of the Patent Office and other websites offer free tools for patent search. You can hire a search are not attorneys, search the Web. You can hire a patent attorney, if you hire a patent attorney he / she must provide you with a patent application proposal if he / she thinks that your invention is patentable.


The second thing you should do after filing a provisional application is to seek funding. Getting a patent with a good patent attorney will probably cost $ 10,000 - $ 20,000. You can put together a business plan and see if a bank can lend money to start a business based on its patent. Many cities now have "business incubators" that can support and help find investors. Note, to get the business going to be a lot more work to come up with the idea first.

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What causes small businesses fail and what makes them succeed?

Small businesses fail due to:
  • Lack of capital.
  • Inability to generate sales.
  • Poor cash flow.
  • Product quality.
  • Marketing and advertising no response.
  • Lack of adaptation to changing market conditions.
What makes them succeed:
  • Adequate financial planning - they know how much they need, when business is going to win, how will win.
  • Excellent planning from the beginning.
  • They are able to find a niche in highlighting.
  • To strive for quality first.
  • He listens to customers.
  • The innovative, quick to respond to changing times.

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Tips to become a debt free Person

If you are in debt, which has lost focus or do not know what you're doing. You obviously have no financial education, and a wrong way of thinking about money. I suggest you start reading. Here are a few you can start with:
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

I also like books by Donald Trump. After that you can read actual technical books on how to make money, such as stock market books.

Consider this

Stop spending. Paying off high interest debts first. Reduce expenses, increase revenue, live on less than you earn, only buy what you can pay in cash. Then, the work of Dave Ramsey snowball debt. Can be found on its website, in books or on TV or radio.

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Open a New Age shop. Can you ask donations be made to start this sort of project?

Sure - you can ask for donations for anything - but it is very clear what it is. If your store is "for profit", then you probably should not say that. Mostly people give money to "charities." But what people do not know about "charity" is that much of the money that they end up going to the company that picks it up - so a lot of "charity" of things is a kind of legal fraud.

Consider this

I'm not sure where it asks for donations - but simply to make very clear what it is - and then keep a careful record of what amounts of money given.

There is an opportunity

Somehow I can not imagine anyone money donated to you for this - but give it a try. Above all these things happen because of his personality - not because it makes no sense.

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How to put your business on Google Sites page?

When searching, such flowers, Hailsham ... 7 results should be indicated on page 1 with red pins, these are free listings Locations page, if possible you want your business to be on page 1.


If your company is already listed in the directory sites online yellow pages and Google may have found his business and has created a page for that, otherwise you can request a page ....

Very important

You must have a verifiable physical address to qualify for a Places page. You can add up to 10 photos and 5 videos of YouTube, as well as a description of the custom fields into the details of the business as much as possible.

Consider this

In order to improve the ranking rearch result, get more appointments in other directories with the same exact address, etc and get feedback from customers on their Web sites.

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Is possible to obtain a business idea of a program or a business magazine?

It is unlikely that a business idea is anything you see in a magazine or see on CNBC. I suppose it could happen, but not very likely.

Consider this

All business ideas or solve a problem or meet a need. See the world around you. Do you see a problem? Are your friends complaining about something? Finding answers to these simple questions can give you an idea of ​​what could be the beginning of a new business.


Now, have a business idea will not suffice. Most start-ups, not really, something like 90% fail within the first 5 years. Also need to learn to run a business. And the most important skill you must learn is to sell. Because without paying customers without money and without money (and profit), business is not.

A business is a passion

But more than that, you have to have the passion to be in business for himself. The real key is you have to do something that is absolutely, positively love! Words of warning, never, never, do or provide something you like and then try to sell it. People either need something or want something. It is best to fill a need that you have researched. Many small entrepreneurs that I know, myself included, work all day and think they're having fun. Working 80 hours a week is nothing. Owning a small business is hard work but great!

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How to find good insurance companies for health insurance in US?

insurance companies

Would have to understand their definition of "good." The best plan usually means the most comprehensive coverage, but some people that means the cheapest and for others it means a plan that has the coverage they need. Policies cheap usually means that the limited benefits, which may be acceptable, provided that you are aware of these limitations.


Would have to know your height and weight, because insurance companies refuse to accept it or you can increase your premium based on their weight.


Would have to know what your current health status is because insurance companies refuse to accept it or increase your premium based on your current health status.


Would have to know its location, since insurance companies do not write policies in each state.


Would have to know your age, since some policies are only available in a certain age.

Consider this

In other words, talk with a local agent who works with all major insurance companies in your area. The agent can help you find the best plan for your situation and budget. Can you explain what you get and, more importantly, so do not get the "cheap" policies. There is no extra charge using an agent.

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Investment advice to invest in bonds or stocks in the US.?

You should invest in both

Bonds spinning contractually obligated, therefore, with the exception of credit risk, by default: the company can go under, the benefits are defined and established. The shares are likely to change, there is the possibility of loss reserves, but in general, companies exist to make money so long as the business is strong, shareholder value can be appreciated, however, the return is uncertain, may much, can be null or may even be a loss.

Volatility Pumping

This means that there are two asset classes with different probabilities and outcomes. Therefore you can take advantage of volatility in stock prices of portfolio rebalancing between farms in both stocks and bonds. This is known as volatility pumping and Shannon is the basis of Demon or the method of Shannon. Whenever there is a market slowdown, media interview someone like Warren Buffett and ask what you can do about personal finance that the answer always is to rebalance the portfolio.

Modern Theory

Modern portfolio theory, initiated by Markowitz and the efficient frontier, says that a portfolio of stocks and bonds from 25% to 75% will have less risk, less than a bond portfolio of 100% and yet he give better performance. It also says that a portfolio of about 50/50 has the same risk as a bond portfolio of 100%, but a much better. The profitability and the risk increases as a portfolio allocation is increased by over 50% of values, but with the return of the decline in the marginal return marginal risk ratio flattens and approaches zero so you can take excessive risk if the portfolio allocation is more than 50% of shares.

About the portfolio

Ben Graham called for a portfolio of 45% equities and 55% bonds, however, if you are making regular monthly contributions to your portfolio, you can consider contributing cash flow as a kind of bond and therefore justify increased allocation of values, however, the potential future contributions are an asset not so marginalized by the current liquidity limited so that a portfolio of equities 100% although potentially justifiable from an early age due to the amount of contributions yet to be made can not take advantage of an extreme crisis of the markets as we live, because the rate of adjustment is limited to dollar cost averaging contributions.

Consider this

The ratings refer to the risk of default and is largely meaningless for a country like the U.S.. However, as he had never been to the U.S. before, there was much speculation as to how much the cost of borrowing would increase for companies throughout the economy. The feds have largely denied the speculation by promising to keep the federal funds rate between 0% and 0.25%, until mid-2013 it is expected that the additional $ 100 million per year cost lending has not materialized but companies are still Gun Shy, preferring to sit on cash then the risk of business projects.

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Real Estate Investing is a smart idea to make money in the US.?

Real estate and the purchase of tax lien certificates are good investments. Many counties now offer online sales taxes. This means you can buy tax liens and deeds from the comfort of your own home. Real estate is a good diversification component.

Consider this

The government loves to give tax incentives to investors in real estate - lots and lots of them. is actually one of the few ways in which fortunes can be made without paying a penny in taxes. I wonder when Trump paid taxes.

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What degrees do you need to get a job at Google?

Do not put the cart before the horse by choosing their careers before they know what kind of job you are more interested in Google, and they require degrees. to be hired for these positions. You can do that by checking the Google Careers, looking at available positions to see what kind of jobs they are trying to fill, and what are the educational requirements and other acceptable candidates.

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Courses related to a Marketing degree

Financial accounting, management, the introduction of macro / micro economics, speech, and negotiating sales, customer service, advertising and promotion. stuff like that! ... You can also choose themes of humanity or the branch of tourism, administration and accounting as well. Just a suggestion.

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Strengths and Weaknesses to say in a job interview

First Is Preparing for a job interview. dress well, have confidence in yourself, knowing that there is no one like you, in a job interview to clarify your strengths not fib, tell the interviewer that its purpose and goal in life is to succeed through hard work and I do not want direct access after the job interview only stand with confidence, look the person in the eye and say in a loud tone of voice happy, sir by hiring me you have nothing to lose and perhaps much to gain and I hope to serve you and your company.

Consider this

When I ask an applicant what his greatest weakness is that I want to hear something that is not really a weakness at all. A good answer would be: "My biggest weakness is deligating. I know that if I take care of the task carried out in a timely manner." A strength can be anything. For example, "I am punctual" or "I am a team player" or marketing, "I think outside the box."

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10 Strategies that should be applied for make a team successful

1) You must be your role model.
2) You should try and approach them friendly.

3) When no occasion upholstery pin point their old mistakes and ask them to make sure not to repeat.

4) Set the goal with a timeout and do not ask / bother to finish. Encourage them if they finish early.

5) Everyone on the team should be treated equally as a family as a whole.

6) Do not make any comparisons.

7) Do not complain about the individuals within the team.

8) Do not let rumors within the team.

9) Never let others / other equipment for his business to intervene teas.

10) Always try to work together and do not say your job / my job / your job - but our job - what kind of motivation has to be induced.

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