Want to buy a house in california, you need some advice?

The first thing I do is make sure you can buy a home in your area. You can go to (https: / / and find out what you can afford based on housing prices or what you want to pay per month.  

Location and Costs

Our decision engine will tell you the price of a loan you can afford based on actual rates and the costs to be incurred in buying a house, including the down payment, monthly payments, closing costs , taxes and insurance. Together with the results you can see the house listings based on your location and price.

Search good Real Estate

The next steps to find a good real estate agent ( and for a pre-qualification letter. 's PreQual also helps you get pre-qualified in minutes and is backed by legitimate loan options. Once you have completed a pre-qualification with that anyone can print and take with you as you go looking for a house or sent by email to your agent.

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What are the best careers that pay a average salary (medium)?

Well careers and jobs and salary ranges are completely different ... If you want a job ... Will be only of wages unless your minnium in a nursing home or factory.

For Example

Careers depend on what your interested in like money and mathematics? Broker, accountant, how to help? Anthesisology physical therapist. If you like sports? Sports medicine. This is your life so choose wisely and have a drink and enjoy.

Have it Your Way

No matter how incredible career, unless they conform to! the first question, what do you know? Do you have any skill? Everyone can make a toddler, an incredible race, if they are good enough in this field, otherwise no chance ..  

And sometimes what we think is an incredible career, you learn that it is not surprising that after all .. When looking for work should be guided according to their education and skills .. What do you think you are good for everyone fit? in different areas. should know yours. When you enter a field that is not good enough, is just a waste of time, and probably too much money.

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What is the difference between a Realtor and Real Estate Agent?

A realtor is a real estate agent that belongs to the NAR, the National Association of Realtors. The two officers asked about handling the severed ends of the offer.
Take this Example

while his foot in the room realtors that I said a while ago, on the right can be a listing agent for the house of your interested in and if the agent on the left can be found for get a house is to be the dealer. if you are the way to deal with the buyer to the list.  


When the house is sold to the two agents (the right and one left will split the commission), which is 6% which is less than the commission came from the last time I bought a house. But what ever it is your party. Now, for example, walking in the same office and in contact with the same agent who lists the house and then sells the home to you. The agent keeps the entire commission, but the agent who works for also makes a commission of 6%​​.

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What kind of license I need for an online business?

The license and permit requirements are determined by the type of business (what you're selling, the fact that it is online), the company structure (LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship) and your state, county, and requirements of the city.

There are many different types of licenses and permits. To determine your needs, try to check with your state, county and municipal governments.

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What is the difference between an LLC and INC normal society?

  • LLC is smaller, thinner and easier to handle, but not all states recognize the LLC.
  • A C-corp and have full stocks of material and may be owned by different parties to different people.
You have to realize that a corporation is a separate entity from you. 

As he did not say "purchase funds" is supposed to mean I have to remind you that there are two ways to spend the money ... One is that spending money as a corporation (ie, drawing a check from current account funds of the corporation for the company, as could be, buy a photocopier and some office chairs), or get paid a salary and spending as an individual (i.. email is your own money now.)

Do you see the difference?

  • A company buys a car would be a business expense (probably) esp. if actually used for business.
  • A person who transfers money to the company to your personal account to buy a car is called embezzlement. (usually).

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What does it cost to implement electronic commerce?

Depending on what type of hosting package you choose with different service providers, be prepared with a budget of $ 20-50 per month. Usually web-hosted shopping carts will charge around that range.  

This of course does not include any web design or logo you might need if you want your own custom design site. However, if you are planning to save on cost, you can use the templates list as most vendors offer shopping cart with your solution.

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I wondered how and where I can sell home made jewelry?

  • You can start a blog and then submit it to search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, and there are literally hundreds of others, there is a program you can buy to help you put your blog out there that people can visit and You can also publish your blog and link jewelry ads on facebook and all other social sites, but we must persevere in it, I can not spend the whole night, but in a few months might be targeting the right customers spread the word that there are friends, etc. .. if your product is good, I'm sure is ....
  • Ebay is good. Make your own web of life, and announce the charges 

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How to protect a Trademark or an Invention?

There are certain criteria that have to go to qualify for a patent and trademark or You can go online to the U.S. website Patent Office and see if your idea qualifies.

Very Important

Some things can not be patented - One criterion is that if something is changed - then the Patten is not good - so you could not patent something like a recipe - unless it unique (such as Coca-Cola and KFC Chicken) - then can be protected as "intellectual property"- but can not patent "flour, sugar, spices, etc."

Have it Your Way
Legal Zoom can can help - or find a patent attorney - for a price. A registered trademark - it's just a "name " or logo that is used - you must be a trademark license if it is to use the name of another state or to protect your "name" - but you have to use it in trade in a certain time shows, which have orders or sold through the state borders, etc.

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How can you tell if a product is not good on Ebay?

  • Well first of all if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Second reading comments from some customers who bought at the store. I also recommend you only buy from top sellers. The only other advice I can give is to research what you want to buy.
  • Maybe if we used ... $ 20 sounds cheap. Too cheap to be real.
  • Compare to a real coach purse. Ask the seller for more photos if needed.

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