What Profession can buy a House in Los Angeles with a Value of $ 1 million?

Doctor, lawyer, CEO / executive level. a business ... to buy a house they say millions of dollars, have a 20% down (200,000 dollars) and a salary of at least $ 260,000 to pay the mortgage of $ 800,000.  

Do not expect to make $ 260,000 or more to the right of the university - most likely will take a couple of years and being in the right place at the right time to make that kind of money. Only about 1% of Americans do that kind of money.

Have it Your Way
Almost none. A sales professional of his time, like most of us. To make big money requires an income that is not based on one-time sale. This means becoming an entrepreneur, or becoming the top in a well-paid profession (surgeon, for example - but be prepared to wait until mid-thirties to start making income - is one of the reasons why they pay so high - because their careers are short)

And if it's in Los Angeles, wait a bit. Housing prices in Los Angeles broke away from the reality in 00 years, and so the relationship can return to rational pricing in the mid 90's.

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How to Get a Bank loan without Having ever Had a Bank Card?

In the first place. Let's open a checking account. You get a debit card with your name on it that can be used for purchases. This will not establish credit, but you need to pay bills

Then open a savings account. Build about 6 months of emergency living EXPEN it in case you lose your job.

A credit card company will ask if you have more than 6 months. Start with the first two steps. That should be enough for a while. Later, you can ask the bank for a credit card


Credit building has many years ... as 50-10 before they even show that its construction. just go to a store and buy something like a big screen TV. to put a down payment then slowly paying off, your credit decisions. but you have to do this over and over for years before someone will notice.


Buy one of those prepaid debit cards can be loaded. Used properly for a while and start making assessments. We then get a debit card in your checking account and run that well for a while. After a loan. Then think about expensive credit cards.

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