When I buy on ebay I get a message from seller's saying they need a 5 star DSR, Why?

If you give a seller stars of low or none at all may adversely affect their positions. Are placed further back in the search and may lose their best-selling grade.

In PayPal is sometimes held until the payment of a buyer leaves feedback or until 21 days have passed.

You can aspire to be a seller. 

We are at the mercy of eBay, PayPal and often buyers. Many buyers do not leave comments at all. Many who are often given one star because I think that's important.

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How to do the Philadelphia Business Priviledge Tax?

If you own a rental property in the city of Philadelphia and the rental income generated, you must submit a business Priv Tax (BPT) return. Be 15 April every year.  

You also have to pay upfront for the new year. Therefore, if you file your 2010 BPT 4/15/11, you have to pay any BPT, 2010, and the estimate for 2011 BPT.  

Of course, when you file your 2011 BPT 4/15/12 will receive a credit for what he has already paid that year BPT. The rate is not that god awful, so the best thing is that the file properly and be done with it rather than ignore it or, God forbid, put all the zeros "and filing a false tax return.

Do you have a license BPT?

It requires anyone who engages in leasing activity in Philadelphia. The identification and license number of BPT are issued on a lifetime basis for the fee of $ 300. Once the license of BPT can be used for all businesses within the city.

Good luck!

(If you click my first link below leads to a page where you can print your tax return and instructions. It is very likely to come with the EZ return is not as difficult to fill.)


Can be confused with an exception in the law that says Phila BPT: "This section does not include the activity of renting a property that is the principal residence of the owner, is fully residential and has three or fewer rental units ". Therefore, if you live in the property, and since it has less than 4 units, then not subject to BPT. 

However, as you said that you do not live in it, then this exception does not applies. Although she gave him bad advice, I can understand how misunderstood the tax law. Again, please pay the BPT. not worth the hassle of Phila breathing down their necks.)

City of Phil BPT page for 2010 -…

Q&A for Philadelphia Landlords -…

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What is the term "Returns" about tax Returns?

Your tax return is the role or set of documents to submit, either by mail or electronically. The money we get is a refund, although many people use the wrong term and call it a comeback. If there was a lot out of youe paycheck, we will refund the extra.
"only means" tax return for the year. "

Fill out the easy way, you can get money back. ways of presenting, ie. 1040EZ, or long form 1040, called a return. to help you can call 1 800 829 3676 and ask for the publication of 17 to help or you can view or download at

"I do not make anything"

So the only way I would have a filing requirement is that if you had an investment income of $ 950 or more scholarships and grants that paid more than $ 5800 for living expenses. As a dependent, you would not get anything in return as they do not put anything in.

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In the Collection of SS can be Paid Mileage

Depends on the type of plan your employer has mileage. If you are reporting mileage he incurred and that this would not be reimbursed income however, if you pay $ X for mileage, which is income to you and you would claim business miles Sch A and yes, would be included in your total income for the month
Have it Your way

If you are asked about the amount of earnings as they are under full retirement age?

For 2011, the amount would be 14,160 All income from employment from your employer included in box 1 of your W-2 or self-employment income that are required to report on Schedule C of the 1040 income tax returnOr a 1099-MISC income amounts of compensation employees not reported on Annex C tax form 1040.

So you need to know how these mileage payments will be reported to you and the IRS to see if the amounts are included in your income the amount by fiscal 2011 revenues of 14,160 test. We hope you find the attached information helpful 26.05.2011

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Ideas to Open a Dog Boutique and a SPA for Children

The pet industry is very strong, you have a lot of things online that you can research - google start. Use words like products industry mascotas "and" marketing articles pet shop "and read everything can.  

Very Important

No just looking in owning shop (meaning licensing and city approval) you need know about wholesale purchasing where get sample and dog breeders for connecting.  

There are a huge backlash against puppy mills and many dogs from there are raised without human contact or health checks. Parents are spending lifetime cage and breed again and only puppies. Not good for the industry.

About Business

You gotta have business plan knows where can have a store open welcomes customers find best work, around rental costs with owner and costs utilities learn hiring and manage people, finding wholesale items for resale and obtain loans bank.

With a spa day --- the city has for you the license to and the health department. There permissions required. In addition, you have to find a supplier for all your towels, all facilities, hire staff, etc. 

Read about everything you can.

Most of it is online somewhere, just keep looking on Google. A see if anyone in your city has speak something similar and go to owner or manager when're kinda greater tell you things you need know. In addition, your local SBA (Small Business Association) and SCORE offices have retired business owners who are there for free to guide new businesses in the way of doing things.

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Disability insurance by obtaining a loan by Mortgaging a House

An insurance agent can do all the shopping for you. The price is the same throughout the corridor and you will know the nuances of each company to get the right plan with the right company.  

They're free, so use them. As for his plan to have a friend cosign for a loan .... not a fan of that decision, but why do you want coverage has nothing to do with your question anyway. Perhaps you simply want your spouse to continue living there.

Finally .... Disability insurance companies do not work in either reported income. You'll need to pony up their tax return, so if you write everything to zero, then do not qualify for disability. It will also affect how much life insurance you can get.

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How to Select a Good Property agents in the US?

If your intention is to buy a house in the U.S. and then rent it. This will involve choosing a buyers agent and hire a full service agent. Many difficulties and conflicts of interest are possible in doing this. Is this a good decision?


Let's start with tax issues. Say you buy a property for $ 200,000 and the rent of $ 2000 a month. Tenants or agent must withhold $ 600 a month for federal income tax. (It also owes money to the state.) When you sell, you will pay long term capital gains tax.

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You may Request a new Credit (Capital One) by Transferring Balances to a limit Credit Card

You may or may not qualify for a card with a limit sufficient to cover the two balances. It really depends on what is in your credit report. If your story is limited (too new, too few) can not qualify.

Read the fine print of the offer. 

Sometimes the offers of 0% have additional traps. What will the interest rate to 0% of the offer expire? You should plan on paying most, if not all, of the balance of the credit card within that period of 12 months. Carry balances and shifting debt from one card to another may have problems.

Well since they have a higher score you can get a credit limit of large size. I really do not know what will pass though. I had the same idea and there were two letters that he wanted to transfer. 

I ended up getting only half of what I needed to transfer them so I do not really help at all. I did make more payments. You can apply for the card and then if long enough, you can tranfer balances. Or just a tranfer and the other is whether enough.

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