Anyone out There Have a Degree in CS from an Online University Accredited?

The only state university that offers online degree CS that I know of is the Florida State University. ...

I think California State University - used to have one, but due to budget cuts decided to cancel. 

You may receive financial assistance

If you complete the program online at FSU, FSU will receive the same degree that students receive on campus (according to their website). I think you can even receive financial assistance if you qualify. There may be other universities too, but I do not know.

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What are all the professions in Otolaryngology, related to hearing?

A otolarynologist is an ear, nose and throat surgeon or a surgeon or head and neck. The career in this series as a medical practitioner or as an educator.

Working with Children

If you want to work with deaf children as a doctor, you can make a community ENT pediatric subspecialty or training and then pursue a career in dealing with deaf children and the medical problems associated with them.

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Vocational guidance. about the profession of Optometry and College of Pharmacy?

I would choose optometry, but I can be a bit biased. The scope of optometry differs from the pharmacy in which reality and treat patients not taking drugs as much. So is the big question. Would you like to deal with the medications or do not like working with patients.  


Most pharmacists i do not know to meet their patients directly because they Pharm technical background and work only when patients ask for information about drugs. Optometry is a profession actually a very broad scope, with expertise in the disease, low vision, vision therapy, etc..


If you choose optometry, not only prescribed glasses, I can gauarantee that. You learn a lot about eye disease and if you do a residency at the illness of her no different from an ophthalmologist, unless a optalmologist can do surgery and prescribe drugs and treatment of systemic diseases.


Some argue that the employment prospects for optometry is not good due to saturation, but if you look at the work for the pharmacy, dentistry, family doctors, there satruation in most urban cities so this is not a issue facing optometry alone.


If your concern about not being able to enter optometry school, do not worry there are 3 new schools as the Western program of optometry that more or less have anyone with a pulse and has money. haha. But if you want to go to better schools, as SCCO then you have to bring those grades up.

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Do I have to Complete a Form 1099 for each job Freelance Work?

For each company that you work and receive a minimum of $ 600 the company is required to submit Form 1099 for tax purposes. If less than the minimum that you can contact a company to know how much he did in order to file your tax return.

About Business

You do not file a separate return for each 1099 that you receive. That separate list (detailed information about the company and the amount of that company), but when you change the amount to your Form 1040 (Schedule C, if you have a business).

It is not "fill" a 1099.  

Companies send you to show how much you have paid during the year. It uses information about the 1099 when completing your tax return. And even if a company does not send a 1099, still must report that income on their taxes, as well as all other income.

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What is the Profession I can Meet Famous People and to Travel a lot?

Paparazzi - to move much and to meet lots of famous people, but not always on good terms. Income is commission based, if you're good to 75k/year.

U.S. D.E.A. Agent - Federal Wage good benefits, you get to know many famous people here, as most celebrities coke quite often towards the weekend.

Orange County CA. State Police - Get the jump from the famous driving through California. To do a lot of driving for a very reasonable salary, benefits negotiable.

Have Your Way
  • A flight attendant, a reporter or photographer Stuart, etc.
  • Yes, a job he would if the right one - manager / air stewardess, butler and housekeeper (no kidding), etc.
  • A flight attendant or a journalist or photographer. You have to be very good at his job in order to to meet famous people and travel however.
  • Journalism to get a job for a magazine

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I Would like to Know which Company is the Best Investment

Forget trying to buy individual stocks, you will lose all your money. Open an account at the forefront and choose a basket of funds, low-cost exchange traded.  

Take Your Way

Try 25% in each: short-term bonds, the total market for U.S. securities, total international and U.S. small value. Adhere to this assignment, and it will become larger over the next forty years. If you want to be a trader, Scottrade choose if you want to be an investor, choose Vanguard.

Also Search Broker

Go with a discount broker with most products and services at bargain prices. From his youth to go with E-Trade or Schwab, and you can download applications to your cell phone or IPAD. Internet sites are easy to use.

  • no, buy a property.
  • buy gold
  • get some time check out
You need to start with a minimum $ 500 account for only $ 2k to use the room (be careful) and $ 20 thousand a day trade.

  • Scottrade is good, I started with that.
  • Zecco is good for cheap shopping
  • thinkorswim is best for shorting.
Have not tried e-commerce. I think I have a long ShareBuilder not use it much

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That Way the Oil Companies Make Profits

  • Drilling
  • Refining
  • Other aspects and many retail
I understand Refining for about 0.38 cents per gallon. Retail ago from .02 to .03 and I've heard "Oil" companies made 0.07 cents per gallon ..... I also understand that taxes equal $ 0.40 per gallon
Exxon had profits of 11billion profits. I'm not sure if that is before or after tax. I think the world is.

Are you doing all volume gains? 
Energy seems to have a margin of 8%. Compared to say uhhhh? Pharma, which is much higher than that borders on both sidelines, but globally the volume is so incredibly high that made 11billion sick room? But Exxon says often only have access to less than 3% of the worlds oil.


Or other similar companies making profits for the fourth 11billion U.S. dollars with such low margins? Are most of your investment money? Are they selling games consoles on the side too? Where, most say 80-90% of their earnings from one volume?

Presumably the oil companies drill for oil and oil that gets sold to other countries or keep it and sell it in their presentation stations for a profit and do well in both the UK and the U.S.. UU ..


Charge more for a product or service you have paid. It is the way business and how businesses survive. It would not make sense for a store to charge exactly the same amount of an element, and he paid for the item from your provider. The same applies to the manufacture and processing

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