Is there any jobs for career for cosmetic dermatology?

Dermatologists are MD. It is not a race. Go to the degree, then medical school, then to his home followed by an optional scholarship. You volunteer or seek paid help in medical situations and this is mainly for resume for your college applications.

It is doubtful that you can work and medical school, especially after his second year when going to do rotations for students at all times.

Unless a person has scholarships, grants or wealthy parents, most doctors leave medical school with serious debt, but if you get a great job, bills to medical school can be paid quickly enough . Start looking now for grants and scholarships that you might qualify. 

Work as much as possible during college and during breaks - save almost every dime of that money. Once you are a resident, you must start making $ 30K-$ 50k/year, depending on the program, so they live frugally and you should be able to start paying its debt during the residency.

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How Can I work in the medical field? I am currently working on MBA

I recently received my degree in Management Information Systems. This is basically one and the degree of IT, and I was trying to enter the field of medicine.  

At this point, I am currently working on my MBA with a specialization in Health Administration. I am very interested in working in the healthcare sector, but I'm not sure if I'm taking the right steps. Does anyone have any advice?

Also, I made ​​many practices dealing with Information Technology, and I'm working on an internship in the health sector.

What you can do

Usually, a different career to healthcare management. However, if you can start the work of IT and work in managing its people, then it's one foot in the door of management experience and once you finish the MBA.

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a massage therapist has the potential to make good money

usually only the rich can afford a regular massage. I know that many massage therapists. I know that if you open your own practice, based on the market in your area may be difficult to promote and advertising can be expensive and the business can be slow, depending on how you get there.
I know that massage therapists

although working in chiropractic clinics, physical therapy clinics, or are hired by the boutiques of masaje''''por lack of a better word. these people have a little more security, since they pay a salary to show and work. Then there are the work of the "dream", as cruise ships and resorts and even elite country clubs .... you really need to see all the options and treat that suits you.  

I do not know how you live, or plan of life, but where I live there are 100 of 2 massage therapists and massage schools chief among other locations for training, so here is more difficult to compete against a smaller than not necessarily have as many tons.  
there are opportunities here especially

in places not expected, as some of the grocery stores that have a person doing massage massage chair in a position right in the store. look around and I hope your answer. I do not think this is a bad field in the main I think you should have a lot of physical strength and expect the unexpected client, though ... care and be safe and be informed before deciding. Good luck.  

I try asking massage therapists around your area care phone.

This can be a field to work in Dicy because sometimes there are people trying to get sexual favors from hotels and call at all hours. Foreigners are also called. to that end, find a massage parlor economic and refer people there.  

I hope this has helped you and hope you decide on a career in professional massage therapy can be very rewarding if you are educated and informed. Passion is a must-you can.

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are you being sued for a signing about a loan, what are your options?

My husband and I live in California and 4 years ago my husband co-signed a car loan for his parents.  

My husband is the principal and his father is the guarantee, since it is the only way to get the loan would be approved. Recently, his parents have been having trouble making payments.

The notice was received the first recovery about 2 years and my husband and I ended up paying the overdue amount of $ 1300 so it would not be embargoed. Since then my husband and I bought a house, so I do not have extra money to help them. 

Have your way

To get to this point, a repo man came to our door asking for the car and explained the situation and gave our parents to the direction of going to pick up the vehicle. Yesterday evening we received a subpoena said the bank was suing us for $ 13,000, plus attorneys' fees because their parents refused to surrender the car and kept locked in the garage so they could not take it.

We need a little help on what to do next, is there any way to get my husband in this name so that only their parents are demanding? Also what is the next step to take?

have their own way, Her husband has to pick up the car, Somehow have to cheat and get the car keys and ride.
Is your husband equally. He can do this. He sells or delivers it to the bank.

If not, the lender may sue for the same and because her husband has a job, they will go after him. All this can destroy your credit. Whatever your political family we are doing is a crime personally.

Employers check credit, so do car insurance companies. And with that, your chances of getting a loan in the future is bleak  Your spouse must be a man of today - not

Is there any way to get my husband in this name so that only their parents are demanding?

No, if there was a way out of it now, then co-sign would have been pointless in the first place and the banks do not accept co-signers as a way to get a loan to someone with bad credit. Her husband signed a legally binding contract agreeing to repay the loan in full, you can not turn back.

Also what is the next step to take?

Talk to your parents. Convincing them to sell the car and use the money for the debt. You still owe the difference, but will be less than $ 13,000 to pay if we keep the car. Unfortunately you can not force them to sell the car because their car legally, their names are on the title, not yours, so not only can make and sell. You can only try to reason with them. 

If your husband can get his hands on the car that can serve as the bank so they can recover, and should reduce the amount of demand. Can not be sold to a third party if not his own, but once the bank gets its hands on him there is no legal way for parents to come back unless the money to repay the loan.

The only way to get your name removed

is to have your parents get a new loan in your name only that I doubt will happen. Although I would not recommend it, but you can talk to a bankruptcy attorney and see what your options are. Usually, the first visit is free. I realize the damage is already done but I hope I never learned to co-sign for a friend or family member in the future.

The fact that their own parents refuse to deliver the car knowing that your child (and you!) Will be held financially responsible is negligible.

It must deliver the car today so the lender can auction and in-laws must pay what is the difference.

If your husband is the "main", then he does not "cosign," which coborrowed. Whose name (s) is / are the vehicle's title?

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Insurance broker combined insurance plan, pros and cons?

basically a combined policy with term insurance and permanent insurance. All you need to know? The overall policy is $ 800,000. Any trick?

Your way

How brokers buy your BMW? To sell the things you might not need, or high price policy. 

Do your homework. 

Not sure what is permanent, but stay away from Whole Life Insurance. (Standing is probably another name for this scam because life everything has a bad reputation). If this person actually is selling a policy of creating permanent cash - run and run fast. 

And .. if you do not have any dependents who can live without your income, you know you have to be shot for trying to scam, Please shop around on your own for a good term life insurance policy

"Not sure what is permanent, but stay away from Whole Life Insurance." Why is this person giving advice is do not know the basic terms and concepts in insurance? And why go to someone who sells a life insurance policy if you want?

Who is she to say how long you want your insurance to last? Unbelievable. I have no one and do not defend, but if you want coverage forever then that is your business.  

And guess what, life insurance is more expensive because if you die before 65, you will die after he was 65. Therefore, there is a probability of 100% of the company will pay in politics if not repeal.

To your question ...

Why combine them? Why not buy the best price for term life insurance in the amount you want in term insurance? So why not buy the amount of coverage you want PERMANENT another company (because it is unlikely that the same company will be the "best" in both products)?

Shipwreck is an idiot. I agree that it is not able to answer any questions in this category and will gladly send you an e-mail saying that if it were allowed. And this belief is not based solely on this response.

We can only assume the broker is advising this because you want some coverage to last forever. You tell us the reason you want the policy.

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I really wanted to volunteer for the Peace Corps, Know any?

I have 18 years and eager to volunteer for the Peace Corps for a year or two before starting college. However, it seems you have to have a college degree to join the Peace Corps. I wonder if something like a 18 year old could volunteer?

Is it for you

You need a college degree definition for the Peace Corps, or some serious skills and unique way. The waiting list is like 1-2 years with a title. Try looking in AmeriCorps. Shorter waiting list, very similar and I do not need a degree. If I were you, although I would go directly to college.

AmeriCorps is a national program impressive. If you are insistent on course abroad, there are many reputable organizatons voluntary payment.

The reason why places like the Peace Corps require a college degree is that the crucial point is to teach all people in developing communities. Unless you have that education or experience, you can not do that.

Stay local. It has to be an amazing place in your community that works for you. There are plenty of payment schemes for unskilled people like you.

Financing your Volunteer Trip Abroad (Includes information on where to find credible programs)…

If you want to spend your time in college in such a way so that you would be a great candidate for the PeaceCorps someday:

Volunteer Abroad…

And if you'd prefer to "to travel along while doing good"…

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World Financial Group, You know

I just went to a presentation. It was all very vague. Still do not know what the hell they sell. I have another appointment, but will probably cancel. Everyone seemed brainwashed and robotics.

Anyone else with experience in this business?

Do what you want

People went on as audiences at these meetings. Be aware of it. There are two things to be treated. Whether shopping for the high price of mutual funds, annuities expensive, high ridiculoously life insurance policies, etc.


They will try to become a dealer for them You'll have to try to sell to friends and family and go through the phone book calling people (who are not in the list of telemarketers donotcall)

More or less, except as MLM and Pyramid schemes. I unknowingly got sucked into one of his seminars under the pretext of a financial seminar class. He was livid.

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I can do to get a credit card without credit

I applied for 2 credit cards were denied both of them. (Apply a while back) i applied to discover and Chevron I requested a student credit card i refused.

Im 19 a college student and working part time and still can not get any credit card out there can tell me how to get a loan to build im trying to build credit so you can get a car loan when I'm 21 .

what you can do

A car loan is a horrible idea. You are not financial assets are depreciated. Concerns about a credit card when you leave school and have a career, not a part-time job. Meanwhile, save and buy a good used car for cash.


Very simple. It is necessary to explore the secured cards or get a guarantee. Unless you are 21 or have sufficient income ... is almost impossible to get a credit card at your age.
New federal regulations are making it impossible for anyone under 21 years to get a credit card. Not you.


* Get an array of co-signing a card with you.
* Not doing this is that they have bad credit (bring the credit card balances).
* Do not do this if you plan to carry balances, as it can destroy the credit.
* Payment in full each month.
* Employers check, so do the owners and car insurance companies (which will have to pay more.)

Not getting a secured card.

This card is stil not become a credit card until they are 21. Quick so many people can not afford. guaranteed loan. Fall from about $ 2,000 in a CD and make a guaranteed loan a year against

And yes, getting a car loan is not as economically rational to do, but last year only 25% of the population were able to buy their cars for cash

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Insurance company second mortgage with when not insured

a friend of mine claims that an insurance company made a man take a second mortgage to pay damages to other cars when he was not insured. I disagree with him. So if you were not working or the mortgage company said no. surely I can not do.

Take your way

Well, it could sue im in that case and take what ever you own if you have not take out that mortgage. 

They can not make use of a particular source of money, but can sue for any assets they have. Now, the mortgage company could be the first time (and if) the property is sold. The insurance company could obtain a warrant and lien on the property would be next in line for any profit when you sell the house. 

So, in order to pay the insurance company, this "type" can only have the equity in your home to turn to. Nobody can dictate as to where to get money to pay, but if not insured if they never come up with something that the other party may bankrupt. It is very foolish not sure whether you are a car driver as the pay could be huge He did not take out a second mortgage.

They did pay for the damage / injury caused.
How did you choose to do that (second mortgage) was his work.

When he decided to drive your car without insurance - agreed to be personally liable for any and all damages and injuries caused. As you learned, would have been much cheaper to pay the insurance. But as he did - to be held personally responsible. He chose to take out a second mortgage to fulfill his obligation.

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services apprentice, for air force for either security forces

So I'm thinking of going to the air force, either to the security forces apprentice, learner services, or apprentice fire protection. 

But I have some people tell me that after basic training and after they are kept in a database seas.But I do not want to go abroad. Is this true or has to do with what you do and want to be stationed in New York.

Do what you want 

You are joining a branch of the armed forces. There is no way of knowing where it will serve his time. You can spend all your time in the U.S., which could be sent to a quiet (Guam, Germany, etc) or you could end up in a war zone.
Any recruiter who is sure that will remain in the states, not being honest with you.

You may not have to go abroad, but it is very unlikely to be stationed in New York. You may request, but will send you where they are needed, and could be abroad. I do not know why you will not go.

The three years I spent in England (Air Force) were the three best years of my life, and most people I've talked to who have spent time in another country really enjoyed it. It is not like going alone. You never have to leave the base if you want, because there is a non-commissioned officers club and BX (as a department store) and other activities, such as a cinema.

But if you do leave the base, there is always someone to tell you where to go and where not to go, and usually someone to accompany you. But if you want to stay in New York with a boyfriend or a child, then you may not want to join the air force, it could just as easily be sent to Wyoming and New York.

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How to jump out of academic to industry companies, like IT companies, banks, etc.

I have my PhD in one of the best universities in the United Kingdom last year. My PhD research area is the scheduling, resource allocation in distributed computing. Anyway, it was very difficult to find work in precisely this field.  

Although cloud computing is popular, but my area is a little different. So I finally got a research paper (contract) at a university not so good, the pay is good. But what I really want to jump from academia to industry companies, including IT companies, banks, etc. 

The problem is that although I am a doctor, I really do not have good programming skills. To be a junior software engineer I have yet to compete with other new graduates who should be much younger than me. For high-level work (any IT related) I have no commercial exp. It's a little dilemma. 

Have it your way 

They give you about how your mind works the same skills. Any person with a Ph.D. has a logical mind and can solve the problem. 

My son has a PhD in Polymer and got a job in IT for a major bank in Britain. Do not expect to get a job supervisor. You have to prove your worth. Go for it. 

You'll have to pay their dues until they acquire some knowledge of computer programming - if that is the area to enter. A good number of computer science R & D is not developing code - so it could pursue those.

And I hate to say it, but Comp Science PhD graduates do not always make the biggest developers - I've worked with a few, and that made way more complex solution than necessary. 

I suggest also contacted several recruiters and they have to find work for you - some are quite good in specialized positions.

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