How do I type one card to bank. when it has lost a cheque book issue slip.?

Call Telephone Banking. All you have to do is request one new cheqbook through a few buttons on your phone. Get MED HDFC

Have it your way

the branch manager, name ur bank, branch address with the city. Topic: Loss of the checklist question the book. Sir, the undersigned is a current / account holder vide savings account no. . . . in a branch of their esteem. Please be informed that the check request form with me check book series without this and that is misplaced error somewhere. I feel sorry for me that.Kindly issue a new check and compelling the book. I assure you this will never happen in the future. with thanks. ur true sign


I, the owner of the account with your bank - ref. Account must inform you that checkbook requisition sliding attached with me checkbook no.___________ to _____________ has been misplaced.
Was kind enough to publish a the book new check of the strength of this carte and oblige.
A note of caution on its register if requisitation slip is submitted by a third party for data collection check me account again.


direction of the head of the bank.
mention your bank a / c no.
inform the check numbers lost checkbook with instructions not to comply with the controls if it is presented to the bank.

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Talking about the bonds

What kind of bonds?

Savings bonds are issued by the US government. If they were issued in your name with your social security number you should be able to get the treasury department to replace them if they are destroyed or "lost". Ask at your bank for help.

If the bonds were issued by someone else - a company for example - and registered in your name you can also get them replaced. You will need to know who issued the bonds. Any stockbroker can help you replace them if they are destroyed or "lost". There will be a fee involved.

Are you legally entitled to the bonds? Are they in your name? Are you of legal age?

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to make cash?

1) Chores for parents & family.
2) Baby-sitting. Advertise on craigslist / knock on doors / advertise at church. (I pay my B-sitter $100 a night, 4 kids)

Other ideas:

3) Mowing lawns around your neighborhood. Need to knock on doors.
4) Selling your stuff on Ebay / craigslist (parent's account)
5) Baking & selling cookies / cakes

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